The school Nº145 of Yerevan was open in September 1969.
Today there are 600 pupils in 20 classrooms. The school has 32 furnished cabinets and classrooms,computer center,workshop,library,reading-room,canteen,medical room, furnished corridors.The school includes the young(1-3 years),middle(4-8) and elder (9-10) rings.
There are 40 teachers, having higher education. A part of them are researchers,some ones were recognized as “The best teacher of school year”.

The school has 8 discipline method-unions, whose organized and regular work leads to the formation of pupils’convictions,taste,human qualities.
22 teachers from 40 ones have taken part in numerous seminars,courses,projects,received certificates.Due to it, apart from main disciplines there are other ones: Applied economy,Life skills,Health preservation,History of Armenian church.

In primary years the education is leaded essentially by the project of SOROS “Step by step”.
The new technologies and powerful resources of intercourse center are widely used.
Each year the pupils take part in discipline Olympiads and often win. During the last 5 years there are numerous wins in civil and republic phases.

In result, in five years the school became the best one in the community Arabkir and was included among the 10 best schools of Yerevan.The school has its official news-paper “Eghitsi Luys”,which is published in Internet and computer center.