Internet and computer center of Yerevan Nº145 secondary school was founded in November, 1998 by SOROS. The computer center is furnished by modern powerful technologies. From March,2001 Project Harmony took the Internet service of computer center. The center, corresponding to its mission, organizes computer courses for pupils, teachers and community inhabitants.
For example, last year 102 pupils, 10 teachers and 25community inhabitants got computer courses in the center.The school collaborators use the center to sum up the courses, to inform the new material, and to receive educational information by Internet.

Due to high technologies of the center, numerous disciplines (Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics ) are taught by modern methods. The powerful technologies have really brought positive changes. Their informative and educational purpose is to have such ON-Line resources as: ON-Line news, electronic conferences which leads to specialist knowledge, experience and skill exchange. ICC has the electronic library for any discipline, and at present the school has a big archive part.

Due to High technologies the informative and educational works of the school have been changed. From 4-10 October of 2004 the school presented exemplary courses of Physics, Chemistry, Natural science, Biology, Astronomy, Information technology.In April,2005 the method-union of natural science presented a range of courses, by using the powerful technologies. The school has a virtual library of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
In April,2005 a range of exemplary courses was applied( in the sphere of Armenian literature and history) by modern technologies, such as: screening, filming.

In May,2005 the following methodical experience was implicated in the junior school:
“The application of modern technologies in the junior school: facultative exemplary courses in study groups of Russian, English and German(according to the program “Logo”).
In the sphere of economy the company “Adolescent economist” was formed, which realized its business program ,making use of different On-Line programs during one year.

In May,2005 during the Republic research conference:” Requirements of modern lesson” taken part in the Pedagogical University, the school presented screen versions of some lesson-models of Physics, Geometry, Armenian literature.In May,2005 the Pedagogical Council organized a conference, using powerful technologies and projective screen. The materials of all reports were presented to the audience by graphs, pictures and diagrams.The magnificent ceremony of 2005 school year,

”Last bell” was presented in 10a- 10b classes by application of modern powerful technologies and screening.The computer center of the school serves also to the facultative courses.
The school took an active part in some ON-Line projects, organized by Project Harmony, such as: ”New Year in the cross-roads of the world”, ”New Year postcards”, ”Who is my Valentine”, ”Karaoke”, ”Colour of childhood” and also in some grant programs. Due to these programs the school exists till now.