• On the occasion of Children Defense Day, pupil company’s manual works were presented in the benevolent exhibition-sale “Adolescent economist”. On 1 June the same exhibition was organized in Kharbert orphanage,where pupils visited with sweets and presents and presented a morning-performance.

  • On 20.05.2005,according to the eleventh pedagogical council’s 5/g resolution,the proposal of the headmaster concerning the creation of the medal “Yerevan N145 school” was accepted.That medal will be awarded to the pupils,teachers,parents, members of community who are really worthy.That is to say,they must contribute to the success of the school by their studies,work and activity.
    The medal was for the first time awarded to the excellent alumnus of 2004-2005 school year Arthur and Lilit Grigoryan.

  • On 1 September on the occasion of Knowledge day the performance “September morning” took place, which passed in every class,as a lesson of form monitor.

  • On 2 September on the occasion of Sahak-Mesropyan feast the first year pupils’ alphabetical ceremony took place and their first bell rang.

  • On 20 September the performance “My independent Armenia is 14 years old”took place in the school-yeard.During the performance the pupils of Ia and Ib classes participated in the chalk-drawing competition on the same subject.


From March 2004 the school has its official newspaper “ Eghitsi Luys”, which is published once a quarter by internet center equity.

§Eghitsi Luys ¦